NISM Series VII: Securities Operations and Risk Management

Intentional to produce the fundamental regulars for allied persons of a registered stock-broker/ trading member, concerned in funds of investor or clients, redressal of saver complaints, risk management, and activities having a bearing on operational risk, NISM SORM provides inclusive E-learning solutions and all study material for online preparation tests. Known as Securities Operations and Risk Management Certification Examination, SORM at GyanKunji study material covers up the different topics in details. Usualy, this certification is requisite to help a back-office/operations professional in a stock broking firm or securities market related organization. 

Also it is a reasonably intricate certification examination of NISM. This website content Mock Examination and study material of NISM-Series- VII. This NISM Series VII Mock Test or NISM SORM Mock Test comprises of 20 questions meant to be done in 20 minutes. With the growing risks, the financial services institutions of all bulks are disposed on Securities Operations and Risk Management (SORM). Thus if you like this free NISM Mock Tests, then you are likely to consider our Paid NISM Securities Operations and Risk Management Mock Test comprising of NISM Series VII Study Material. 

Benefits of Securities Operations and Risk Management Certification

The NISM Series VII ( SORM ) exam consists of 100 questions that has to be answered in a duration of 120 minutes. One mark is award for each correct answer, whereas there is 25% negative marking for incorrect answers. The weightage is proportionally divided between major topics which are introduction to the security market, participants of the market, risk management, investor arbitration and grievances, services of broker, settlement process, clearing process and securities broking options. To get a complete idea of the type of questions you can go for NISM Series VII Mock Test and Study Material. In NISM Series VII ( SORM ) Study Material, You will gate most important question and answers to clear the NISM Series VII ( SORM ).

In total, unbeaten conclusion of the course allows you to realize the operations and risk management in broking industry and brace yourself for the NISM certification examination Security Operations and Risk Management course NISM series VII. Gyankunji help candidates to pass this NISM examination by NISM Mock Tests and study materials in online mode. Just pay Attention on GyanKunji to ease cracking NISM series VII examination test easily.