NISM Equity Derivatives Certification Study Material

Known as one of the important exams by the National Institute of Securities Market, NISM Equity Derivatives Certification Exam is designed by GyanKunji just by various Mock Tests and Study Material which contain Very Important Last Day Revision tests and real feel timed exams. The exams are performed online at different NISM centers. The time duration goes about 120 minutes, and a candidate needs to answer 100 questions totaling to 100 marks. To get a complete idea of the type of questions you can go for NISM Series VIII Mock Test and Study Material. In NISM Series VIII Study Material and Mock Test, You will gate most important question and answers to clear the NISM Series VIII . Moreover it is important to know that 60% marks seem as the passing marks. Sure! It adds Value to your resume when applying for jobs in Financial Sector/ IT /BPO etc. Aside from these, it is also helpful to get a quite good knowledge to the functioning of Indian Stock Markets.

Benefits of NISM Equity Derivatives Certification Practice Test

Why look at us for NISM Series VIII?

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Once you get through the NISM Study Material and NISM equity derivatives Mock Test at GyanKunji, you are likely to get it simple to pass this NISM module and acquire the NISM Series VIII - Equity Derivatives Certification Exam Certification.